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Why Blockchain

Blockchain is the next go-to technology, and all across the world, organizations are inclining towards this emerging technology. Blockchain brings in trust in peer to peer network and functions as a public record of transactions between users. Considering the impact it already has over the different industries, it is easily foreseeable that it could improve the existing systems to a remarkable extent.


    • Digitizing documents
    • Distributed database
    • Auditing workflow
    • Advanced security
    • IoT & Automation
    • Transparency & compliance


    • Enhanced accuracy
    • Streamlined workflow
    • Coherent integration
    • Private network
    • Absolute transparency


our core

Solutions We Provide

  • Supply chain management

    With the implementation of blockchain technology, absolute transparency can be maintained in the supply chain management. This ensures users can...

  • Consumer Product Tracking

    Using the advance blockchain based solutions, the journey of a consumer product can be tracked on an immutable ledger. This...

  • Peer to peer crowdfunding

    We’ve designed an alternative financial system where borrowers and lenders can conduct transactions on a decentralized blockchain based network. This...

  • FinTech Applications

    With the claims processed with blockchain, the efficiency in the process of claiming can be increased, and the chances of...

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why jeno

With the zeal of creating something different and aim of developing cutting-edge solutions, Jeno focuses on one of the most promising technologies of the era - Blockchain. We strongly believe that blockchain is soon to become the ‘go-to’ technology of the future, and hence, we are working hard to design unique and innovative applications on that!

At Jeno, we think that Blockchain is the new big thing after the internet, and the potential of this technology is limitless. We develop our products with the utmost zeal, eagerness, and imaginative strategies, utilizing the newest innovations in order to cope up with the constantly evolving technological advancements.

With a group of dynamic and versatile professionals on board, we promise to deliver a bit more than what you expect. Our team members are always ready to walk the extra mile to help you achieve your dream. We focus on maintaining a strong work-life balance as we believe in happy employees and lively work environment.

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