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who we are

With the zeal of creating something different and aim of developing cutting-edge solutions, Jeno focuses on one of the most promising technologies of the era – Blockchain. We strongly believe that blockchain is soon to become the ‘go-to’ technology of the future, and hence, we are working hard to design unique and innovative applications on that! With a group of dynamic and versatile professionals on board, we promise to deliver a bit more than what you expect.

At Jeno, we think that Blockchain is the new big thing after the internet, and the potential of this technology is limitless. We develop our products with the utmost zeal, eagerness, and imaginative strategies, utilizing the newest innovations in order to cope up with the constantly evolving technological advancements. Our team members are always ready to walk the extra mile to help you achieve your dream.

about us

how we work?

Our Culture

Jeno Creatives is one of the leading blockchain product-based companies in Kolkata and we’re on a mission to create innovative and different solutions that have endless potential. We strongly believe that Blockchain is the next go-to technology and hence, it’s the major backbone of most of our products. We love to work as a team and with a bunch of committed professionals on board, we keep our promises.

Our Mission

Being a one-stop destination for blockchain, Jeno Creatives aims to offer a wide range of solutions and services. With a lot of conviction, we’re on a mission to create innovative and different solutions that have endless potential. We have strong moral values and we believe that by living and leading those values, we will always outshine, outperform, outlive and outdo our competitors.

We know that there is no shortcut to success and strongly focus on every minute detail of the end to end development process. We value our customers the most and treat each of them individually. We’re always ready to walk that extra mile to satisfy our customers and ensure the best possible ROI for you.

We believe in teamwork and hence, encourage our employees to act as a team. We believe happy employees are the most productive ones and put a strong focus on maintaining a perfect work-life balance.

Our Vision

  • To establish Jeno as one of the leading blockchain oriented companies in the world
  • To engage with advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Data Mining, etc.
  • To emerge as a global leader in intellectual properties & brands
  • To be the best in everything we do
  • To come up with cutting-edge innovative solutions
  • To design and build the best-in-class solutions
  • To offer satisfactory services to a wide client base