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Industry specific services

Different industries have a different set of requirements, and we understand that a pre-defined solution can’t be an accurate solution for all the industries. Hence, we make it a point to customize the services according to the needs of the different industries.

There is no doubt that blockchain is one of the most disruptive technologies of the present era and it has the potential to support and validate multiple functions – but how it does the same depends on the particular requirement. Right from real estate and health care to fintech, and supply chain – the technology can do wonders for multiple industries.

Our services for different industries :

  • Finance technology – Whether it’s transactions with money or cryptocurrencies, blockchain plays a huge role in managing them. Regulatory compliances, payment settlements, cross-border payments, trade finance, custody, and asset tracking, and post-trade transaction settlements are some of the common use cases in which blockchain helps to a great extent.
  • Healthcare – Blockchain helps address privacy and security issues, which are one of the major concerns in the healthcare industry. Different functions like prescription sharing, medical records protection and sharing, DNA sequencing, claims filling and claims administration and processing can be handled using blockchain.
  • Real estate – This is one of the industries that face a number of issues with payments and managing terms. Proper documentation, payments and doing agreements, sales tracking and handling registration processes are some of the functions that can be done effectively using blockchain.

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