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Digital wallet application

In the cryptocurrency ecosystem, digital wallets play a very significant role. So much so that organizations take special care about the design and creation of these wallets. These can be utilized for the storage of assets as well as transactional payments. Usually, the private keys of the users are stored in these wallets using which the transactional records can be locked or unlocked. Jeno Creatives offers exclusively designed digital wallets that ensure ultra-level security, implementing the best possible enhancements and security protocols.

Using cryptocurrency wallets, users can not only send money or monitor the balance but can also conduct several other operations. While the public key is used to receive funds and can be searched on the ledger, the private key is used only for the purpose of signing transactions. It is also considered as a proof of the fact that you own the related public key and this should not be shared with anyone, under any circumstances.

Different types of wallets :

  • Online wallets – Run on the cloud, these are also known as hot wallets. These web-based wallets host the data on a virtual or real server. Although these are quite convenient to access, your private keys get more vulnerable to hacking attacks, since those are controlled by a third-party server. However, there are a few hybrid online wallets that allow you to encrypt the private data before it is stored in the online server.
  • Offline wallets – In these types of wallets, the private keys are stored on USB devices or any other hardware that can hold the currency securely. These wallets offer added security as the data are stored offline, and these are compatible with multiple web interfaces. The method of transaction is quite simple using these wallets as you can just plug in the device to an internet-enabled device and conduct the transition.
  • Mobile wallet – These wallets are run on phone-based apps, and hence, ensure easy and smooth access. These wallets are designed in a crisp manner, considering the users’ convenience. Moreover, these can be used anywhere under the sun.
  • Paper wallet – This is an ideal option for those who like to handle transactions in a conventional way. These offer maximum possible security as any kind of digital interaction is avoided. The QR codes for the private and the public keys are printed out on a piece of paper and then, the funds are transferred to the mentioned address.

Digital wallet

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