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FinTech Applications

Just like the blockchain technology, the FinTech industry has been disrupting several domains, and hence, the relationship between these two is quite interesting. The technology covers the most important requirements of the FinTech industry quite efficiently. For instance, it helps create safe and secure financial products at the minimum possible cost, and helps track the entire lifecycle of all the financial transactions. Blockchain also helps make the financial services technologically sophisticated as well as extremely functional.

Smart loyalty programs, credit scoring, digital identity, P2P payments, regulatory audits and compliance, trade finance and trading, and global payments are some of the most prominent sectors of the FinTech industry that blockchain can contribute to.

What are the universal benefits of blockchain technology in FinTech?

  • Supreme security – Although this is needless to say, the security that blockchain offers is beyond any scope of getting tampered. In fact, it’s believed that compromising a transaction that has been encrypted using the technology is almost impossible.
  • Fast transaction & information validation – By implementing blockchain, duplicate transactions can be avoided and information about the digital transaction can be controlled. Moreover, the transaction validation from the centralized authority doesn’t take much time.
  • Enhanced durability – For the FinTech industry, durability is one of the most important things. With blockchain, there is no central regulator, and therefore, no central point of failure. Thus, blockchain is superbly resistant to different kind of malicious attacks.

Blockchain can redefine the way how FinTech companies are functioning in the global economy currently. At Jeno, we are on a mission to explore new ways in which blockchain can do wonders for the FinTech industry, and hence, we promise to deliver the best possible solutions to you.

FinTech Applications

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