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Supply chain management

Over the past few years, the dynamics of supply chain management has transformed to a great extent due to the undeniable influence of cutting-edge technologies, and blockchain has been one of the most prominent amongst all of them. With the technology implemented at its best, product lifecycles have become shorter than ever and the transition periods have become more intense. By using blockchain tactfully, companies can transform their approach to supply chain management completely, and that’s exactly where Jeno Creatives helps you the best!

Using blockchains, organizations can have access to a real-time digital ledger for all the movements and transactions on behalf of all the participants in the supply chain network. You can realize the benefits in terms of time, effort and money in several domains. In fact, it can also redefine how you do the business.

Blockchain Benefits with Supply Chain Management

  • Improved data analytics – It’s known to all that in order to compensate for uncertainty, companies have to put in a lot of additional inventory in the domain of supply chain. It not only costs extra money but also a lot of additional effort and time. With our blockchain based solution implemented in the supply chain, you can manage and track all the resources at the ecosystem level, ensuring greater accuracy and better forecasts, leading to the requirement of less inventory.
  • Better visibility in procurement – With a continuously refreshed digital ledger, empowered by a blockchain based solution from us, organizations can negotiate procurement discounts more accurately. You can access the total volume of information as the ledger incorporates data from all the relevant authorities. With blockchain, you no longer need to hire professionals to audit the orders and calculate the benefits. You can handle the entire process with just a few clicks, within a much shorter time period.
  • Simplified finance operations – Blockchain helps integrate the payment and delivery in digital contracts, which, in turn, is integrated with banks and logistic partners. Using smart contracts organizations can generate digital invoice and payments as well as a proof of delivery form, ensuring there is no communication gap between the supplier and the customer. Thus, it can help minimize the requirement of the working capital and simplify the finance operations to a great extent.

Supply chain

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