What Role Digital Currency would Play to Bring Change to the World?

  • June 20, 2019

  • By: Jeno Creatives

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Over the past decade, there have been ample discussion about what digital currency is and how it is going to impact our life. However, we’re not yet absolutely clear about the concept, and there are reasons for that. With new aspects and dimensions of blockchain and cryptocurrency coming out every now and then, there are no end to these upcoming theories. Well, cryptocurrencies have been making a lot of buzz ever since they were introduced and the member of the digital trading community are really hopeful about these digital currencies. This is mainly because, the potential and possibilities of these currencies are endless, and they help explore business areas that were untapped earlier.

While it’s more or less confirmed that a ground-breaking change would be introduced due to the influx of digital currencies, the question is how? Let’s find out –


  • Increased global remittance – Unlike the conventional money transfer processes, cryptocurrency transfers are highly cost effective; moreover, this occurs in real time, ensuring greater security and peace of mind. This is why, it’s expected that digital currencies would drive growth when it comes to foreign remittances.


  • Cost-effective and faster bank transfers – Right now, the process of bank transfer is quite lengthy and time consuming as the country-specific clearing authorities and correspondent banks are involved at both the ends. With a digital currency, instant, less costly and secure bank transfers can be ensured.


The lack of economic freedom is one of the major problems of the current time, across the globe. With the influence of cryptocurrencies, the economic freedom can be increased dramatically. And once this is possible, it would help accelerate innovation, reduce (and eventually eradicate) the issues of poverty and minimize the reasons for wars. So, it would not be wrong to believe that cryptocurrencies are going to be the next game changers!


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